Our Berea Adventure

Berea Kentucky is our new home.  We moved here almost two years ago.  Our decision to move to Berea was discussed and debated for well over a year before we made the decision to move.  We made a kind of list of our family values—what do we as a family like and not like about living a certain way and what do we want from wherever we move.  Berea checked most of the boxes, so here we are!

Lead Picture

Della is from around Pikeville. She loves that she knows the place to get the best milkshake and on which day to eat downtown because the cook that’s been there for years is working. That special knowledge makes eating around Pikeville so much easier.

Troy is from the little town of Bagdad, Kentucky. Since he grew up there he knows the local stories that people tell to pass the time. Like how the FBI intensively looked for the Lindbergh baby on the Cedarmore Estate when he was kidnapped. Most of the stories are not that scandalous. But Troy loves being in the know.

So, we are now on an adventure. We want to know more about our new Berea home. We want to learn as much as we can about Berea’s…




Art Scene


Plans for the Future

And most importantly, Berea’s People.

That is why we are putting together this show. While we learn more about our marvelous hometown we will share it with you. So you too will know the insider secrets and be in the know!

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