Knock, Knock, Knock

Since moving to Berea, we love it when people knock on our door! Listen to this episode to learn why!

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Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • Wassail Singers
  • Free Thornless Blackberries
  • Free White Half Runner Beans
  • Playing Children
  • Letting us know our chickens are out
  • Dropping off food

Here are some pictures when our plants were first being planted and today!

Our beans being planted!

Our beans today!


Our Blackberry blooms!

Introduction Episode

In this a brief episode we share how we first met and what we chose to move to Berea.

Here is our timeline:

1989: Meet behind Berea Baptist Church.
1993: Got Married in Pikeville.
2015: Moved to Berea.

We’ll fill more of the timeline in later…

Here is a picture from our wedding. Della is the one in the middle in white, Troy is the one with the big smile standing beside her.


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Test Episode

This episode is just to make sure that everything is working behind the scenes, but we wanted it to be something you could enjoy. Listen to the song we feature in each episode in its entirety. The Song is ‘But Today’ off of the album ‘Vegas Blue’ by John Thomas Oaks. All of his music can be found at

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