Berea’s Gallery 123: What’s Happening Now?


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Berea’s Gallery 123 Arts Accelerator Program suffered a fire on April 30, 2018, but first responders, friends, and the community-at-large have offered support in traditional and unexpected ways! Listen to this episode to hear the gratitude, optimism and wisdom of the Gallery’s new Program Director, Jeffrey Carpenter as he recaps the past week and shares plans for the future!

Here is a video taken by Keith Taylor and shared on Twitter:

Here is a picture I took on the night of the fire.

Firefighter sprays left side of building.

Here is the news report from WLEX 18.


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The 2017 Fall Fair

We spent an awesome Saturday morning at the 2017 Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen’s Fall Fair. Listen for some of the artists we were able to interview!

Rocky Woodland Forge travelling blacksmith gear.
Rocky Woodland Forge Award-Winning Chair.

Cleft in the Rock Artwork on display.
Cleft in the Rock Artwork Amazing Bridge Drawing.
Ralph Tyree standing in his booth.
Laura Poulette enjoying her morning in her booth full of prints and originals.
Kay Ragland and Karen Higdon standing in front of their booth full of baskets.
An end table basket and the shelves full of baskets.


Colorful picnic basket!
A belt adorned basket.
Dorothy Cline holding her handmade bowl in front of her booth.
Colorful flowers in glass.
Plant in glass.
Collection of some glasswork.
Sean Fitzgerald pottery display.


Pottery on a shelf.
Sean Fitzgerald pottery table display.

We loved our time at the Fall Fair.

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Landmarks of Berea

This landmark episode of The Berea Podcast focuses on the physical and cultural landmarks we visited during one of our wonderful Saturdays in Berea. The day was even better than these pictures suggest – We Loved It!

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That is a bunch of bull!
The Bull’s original pasture…
Only 65 feet tall!?!?!?!
The training wheels are off!
We would have missed these apples if we were in a car.
Two words: Half Off.
One of Berea’s most visible landmarks.
We <3 Papalenos!
The oldest landmark named after Daniel Boone in Berea, Kentucky.
More facts about Boone Tavern.
Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is offered at the oldest landmark named after Daniel Boone in Berea, Kentucky.
Free Trolley Tours start right out front of the oldest landmark named after Daniel Boone in Berea, Kentucky.
Two happy visitors to the Berea Quilting and Fiber Extravaganza!
This one oogled two jars of honey that she won in a raffle at the ‘Bean there, Done That.’ Potluck at the Berea Urban Farm!

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Berea Kid’s Market

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Everyone says they want to raise their children in a small town. We think Berea knocked it out of the park with its idyllic Kid’s Market. Enjoy the voices and pictures from this special day. Like The Berea Podcast on Facebook for more!

Pictures from the day…

Landscape Watercolors.

The Painting Inspired by a lunch in Central Park in THE New York City.

Art during sixth period.

Magnets and Door Hangers and Bottle Caps… Oh My!!!

Tranquility Bath Salts!

Farmer’s Market Rocks!

Stress Balls!

Sparkle Shells!

Going on a treasure hunt!

Here there be Monsters!

Kids Rock!

Summer Sensations (Fidget Spinners Sold Out)!

Pokemon and Star Wars Necklaces!

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The Jimmy Lou Jackson Experience

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We knew Jimmy Lou knew about making art… she knew much more!

We knew Jimmy Lou knew her Berea History… she knew much more!

We knew interviewing Jimmy Lou would be fun… we laughed much more!

Listen and learn the answers to these riveting questions:

What is a dog trot house?
If you had a friend in Jail and a friend in Irvine, which you should get out first?
Where was the old Fruit Jar School?
Why is it called ‘Hot Flash Beads’?
Where does the name ‘Old Town’ comes from?
Where was the ‘Tab’ on Berea College’s campus?

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For more about Hot Flash Beads go to: