The Jimmy Lou Jackson Experience

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We knew Jimmy Lou knew about making art… she knew much more!

We knew Jimmy Lou knew her Berea History… she knew much more!

We knew interviewing Jimmy Lou would be fun… we laughed much more!

Listen and learn the answers to these riveting questions:

What is a dog trot house?
If you had a friend in Jail and a friend in Irvine, which you should get out first?
Where was the old Fruit Jar School?
Why is it called ‘Hot Flash Beads’?
Where does the name ‘Old Town’ comes from?
Where was the ‘Tab’ on Berea College’s campus?

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For more about Hot Flash Beads go to:

On The Berea Bus

Troy went on the ‘Get on the bus – Berea’ tour on April 25, 2017. It was so full of facts and stories that he recorded it to share it on the show. Make sure to listen and hear Berea’s stories.

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Some of these stories include the History of:

  • Berea’s College Square Shops
  • Center Street
  • Blythetown
  • Red Foley’s Piano Teacher
  • Berea’s early checkerboard interspersion plan.
  • Chestnut Street
  • Fairchild Hall

Here are some pictures of the program for the event.
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Also, here are pictures of our wonderful tour guides!

Jackie Burnside

Sharyn Mitchell