July 11 Berea Tourism Commission Meeting – Unabridged

Agenda of the July 11 Berea Tourism Commission Meeting.

We spent a lovely evening with our Tourism Commission and other concerned citizens. The discussion about Tourism, Murals, and Outdoor Concerts was so engaging that we thought we would share it with you!

While it is a long episode, every second is worth it.

Here are some links that go along with what was discussed during the meeting:

Berea’s Tourism Commission Members: https://www.visitberea.com/berea-tourism-commission

Berea’s 123 Arts Accelerator Program: https://www.visitberea.com/the-art-accelerator-program

Berea’s Levitt AMP Concert Series Webpage: http://www.firstfridayberea.com/

We attended the meeting as concerned citizens. Here is the urban dictionary definition of ‘Concerned Citizen’: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=concerned%20citizen

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Berea’s Big House Birthday Bash

Few places in Berea have the history and heart found at 415 Estill Street. Listen in as our community joined together in celebrating the Big House’s 100th birthday.

Here are some pictures from the special day:

A view of the front lawn on the special day.
Music and laughter was everywhere. The Lambs and their friends are pictured playing.
Three words: Delicious Zucchini Bread.
Special Guest: Donna Marie McKinney!
Proof that interviews are fun!
Ms. McKinney’s Special Step.


The Berea Citizen Front Page with the announcement of the Birthday Bash: https://www.facebook.com/bereacitizen/photos/a.10154942809306344.1073741838.247574786343/10155664685856344/?type=3

The Berea Citizen’s recording of the Lambs and friends playing: https://www.facebook.com/bereacitizen/videos/10155686809461344/

The Richmond Register’s Article about the Birthday Bash: http://www.richmondregister.com/news/celebrating-the-big-house-family-and-friends-remember–year/article_0ebc68ca-78b8-11e8-bf39-af0971987296.html

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Berea is synonymous with spoonbread, so it was a matter of time before The Berea Podcast featured the delicious dish!

Here is Della’s dish after the taste test!
Troy’s Spoonbread after the taste test!
Wonderful display about Spoonbread and Boone Tavern’s culinary legacy.
The Spoonbread recipe on display at Boone Tavern!

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Here are links we mentioned on the episode:

The history of Spoonbread on Relish.com

Spoonbread recipe on Saveur.com

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Landmarks of Berea

This landmark episode of The Berea Podcast focuses on the physical and cultural landmarks we visited during one of our wonderful Saturdays in Berea. The day was even better than these pictures suggest – We Loved It!

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That is a bunch of bull!
The Bull’s original pasture…
Only 65 feet tall!?!?!?!
The training wheels are off!
We would have missed these apples if we were in a car.
Two words: Half Off.
One of Berea’s most visible landmarks.
We <3 Papalenos!
The oldest landmark named after Daniel Boone in Berea, Kentucky.
More facts about Boone Tavern.
Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is offered at the oldest landmark named after Daniel Boone in Berea, Kentucky.
Free Trolley Tours start right out front of the oldest landmark named after Daniel Boone in Berea, Kentucky.
Two happy visitors to the Berea Quilting and Fiber Extravaganza!
This one oogled two jars of honey that she won in a raffle at the ‘Bean there, Done That.’ Potluck at the Berea Urban Farm!

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