July 11 Berea Tourism Commission Meeting – Unabridged

Agenda of the July 11 Berea Tourism Commission Meeting.

We spent a lovely evening with our Tourism Commission and other concerned citizens. The discussion about Tourism, Murals, and Outdoor Concerts was so engaging that we thought we would share it with you!

While it is a long episode, every second is worth it.

Here are some links that go along with what was discussed during the meeting:

Berea’s Tourism Commission Members: https://www.visitberea.com/berea-tourism-commission

Berea’s 123 Arts Accelerator Program: https://www.visitberea.com/the-art-accelerator-program

Berea’s Levitt AMP Concert Series Webpage: http://www.firstfridayberea.com/

We attended the meeting as concerned citizens. Here is the urban dictionary definition of ‘Concerned Citizen’: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=concerned%20citizen

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Jeff Parker and Company


Jeff Parker in the studio on a rainy Monday evening.

Musician Jeff Parker shares stories on this week’s Berea Podcast. From playing guitar when he was six to playing Carnegie Hall, Jeff talks about the impact that music has had on his life. To hear more stories and hear him play, come to a benefit concert for the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen on July 14th, 2018 at Brock Auditorium in the Coates Building at EKU in Richmond, Kentucky.

Jeff Parker sharing a laugh while recording.


To learn more about the concert go to the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen’s webpage here: https://kyguild.org/collections/made-for-you-event-ticket/products/jeff-parker-band-benefit-concert

Jeff Parker & Company’s webpage can be found here: https://www.goparkermusic.com/

Here is Jeff Parker & Company on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jeff-Parker-Company-501344400070513/

Here is an interesting article from Bluegrass Today: https://bluegrasstoday.com/jeff-parker-plots-his-course-post-dailey-vincent/

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Turning Age

Hear their music live on June 15, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. at the Berea Arena Theatre.

What is it like to grow up in a small town like Berea Kentucky? Listen in and learn about what members of the Berea Band, Turning Age, have been able to do while they grew up in our small town. Hear about their upcoming concert on June 15 and a sample of their music.

The band Turning Age (minus Macgregor).

Here are the members of Turning Age gathered around the dinner table as I interview them before their last Saturday practice before their June 15 concert.

Turning Age holding a poster of the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky.The Band proudly displays the poster of the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky. Turning Age serves as their house band for their home games.

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Turning Age Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TurningAgeRockband

Turning Age videos on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFUF83K7Bkm2BBec5mAAs5w

Buy Turning Age Music here: https://turningage.bandcamp.com/album/turning-age

Here is their email address: berearockband@gmail.com

Featuring John Harmon

Click the image to go to Harmon House Studios website

The music of Berea’s own John Harmon is featured on this week’s Berea Podcast. Listen to this week’s episode and enjoy a selection of his music. Go to www.thebereapodcast.com/johnharmon for more! If you are a musical artist and would like to be featured on the show email troy@thebereapodcast.com.

Want to know more about John and his music? Here are a few links to help you out:

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John D. Harmon’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/john.d.harmon

John’s Music / Art / Broomcraft studio webpage: http://www.harmonhousestudios.com

Here is the video for ‘Into the Mountians’:

If you are a musical artist and would like to be featured on the show email troy@thebereapodcast.com.

Featuring Rainbow Star

Rainbow Star is a local musician often sharing songs based here in Berea. Her talent and heritage is why we are featuring her this week on The Berea Podcast. The songs featured in this episode were recorded in her kitchen. You may know the fiddle playing or the voice on the song, ‘Berea’ – that is Sam Gleaves (you can find his work at www.samgleaves.com)

Go here to see Rainbow Star’s playlist on Youtube!

If you go there she talks about her upcoming album titled, ‘Music From The Rainbow Sparkle Palace: Volume I’

After recording, Rainbow Star contacted me and clarified that Ophiuchus is pronounced “o-FEW-kuss” rather than whatever I said in the episode – Thanks for the clarification!

Everything Rainbow Star can be found at www.rainbowstarmusic.com

Featuring The Jeff Richey Experience

The Jeff Richey Experience is featured on this week’s Berea Podcast. Listen to this week’s episode and enjoy a selection of their music. If you know of a band you would like featured on the show email troy@thebereapodcast.com.

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Here is The Jeff Richey Experience’s next concert:

Come out to the concert!

Here is a link to The Jeff Richey Experience’s Facebook page. Like them!

Here is a link to The Berea Podcast’s Facebook page. Like us!

Here is the music video mentioned on the episode:


Vote Now!

To Do List:
1) Listen to the episode.
2) Vote.
(Not necessarily in that order…)

Berea is in the running for a second Levitt AMP Music Series Grant! Berea’s Ali Blair came by to talk about the successes of last summer’s concert series and shares how to vote for Berea for a second summer concert series grant.

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Click Here to go vote!

Ali was our first guest in the new studio. Check out the video we recorded of the interview:

Putting on the Fritz at BCES

Fritz Schindler performed for Berea Community Elementary School on October 13th, 2017. Listen to this week’s episode of The Berea Podcast to hear part of the concert. Afterwards Fritz and Troy talk about what BCES was like back when he was in school, his life’s journey since Fritz called Berea home, and Fritz offers advice for us to rage against indifference.

Here are some pictures from the concert from the fine people at The Richmond Register:

Fritz and his Guitar

Fritz and his Banjo

Fritz and his Hammer Dulcimer

Here are some links to check out about Fritz:

Go to www.fritzschindler.com for all things Fritz.

Here is a link to Fritz Schindler on Facebook:


Here is something fun. If you want to start a Fritz Schindler fan website the domain www.puttingonthefritz.com is available! Go here and register it at Godaddy!

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BBQ Review

Smokin’ Jax BBQ Shack just opened in Berea and we share our recent Friday Night experience. Listen for menu recommendations and table Karaoke.

You feel welcomed when you come into Smokin’ Jax BBQ Shack!

When we arrived, the line to order was almost out the door.

Pulled Pork and Mac and Cheese and Green Beans – Oh My!

My precious half slab! Oh and the red potato salad too…

All gone!

We will definitely see you again!

If you forget where you are eating, just ask a staff person to turn around!

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Visit Smokin’ Jax on Facebook: