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Growing up on my family’s farm, there wasn’t a time we did not have the radio on. The DJs were part of the family and we set our clocks to make sure we heard them read the local news and tip us to great deals. Nowadays, I have my earbuds in my ears and am listening to a podcast. Podcasts keep me up-to- date with news and connect me with people nearby and across the globe who share my interests.

Berea is a special place where people value opportunities for coming together and sharing ideas. My wife and I are planning to open a Berea recording studio for podcasts that will support a low-powered A.M. and on-line radio station. We think our leaders and neighbors will embrace this medium for talking more with each other and the world. We need your help. Would you please complete the brief survey at the link below to let us know how your business might engage these services? Your responses, of course, will be anonymous but will truly help us out.

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Thanks for all your support!


Here is a Still Photo, get it?
Get the joke? It’s a photo of a still…

This special episode features an interview from the digital oral histories found online in Berea College’s Special Collections. The subject of the interview is Bethel Cornette from Perry County. The interview was conducted and recorded by David T. Evans, a then-student at Berea College, for a class lead Dr. Richard Drake. The interview was conducted in January, 1973. Enjoy!

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Below are links related to this episode:

Here is a link to the ‘Search Page’ that also has the contact information for Berea College Special Collections. Start Here.

Here is the page that the interview of Bethel Cornette came from: Click Here.

Look for Item One in Box One on that page. You should see the name ‘Bethel Cornette’ listed there.

‘What?’ You say??? There is a part two of Bethel’s interview??? Yes, there is! Simply Click Here to go to the page to find the online player for the second half of the interview. Just click on the play button and listen.

Here is the magic of what you just did.

You now know where the Special Collection Search Page is. You know how to scroll down a page to find something specific you are interested in, and then click on the play button and listen.

You have all the skills to discover all the gems that the Special Collections has to offer online!

Let us know what you find!!!


Berea is synonymous with spoonbread, so it was a matter of time before The Berea Podcast featured the delicious dish!

Here is Della’s dish after the taste test!
Troy’s Spoonbread after the taste test!
Wonderful display about Spoonbread and Boone Tavern’s culinary legacy.
The Spoonbread recipe on display at Boone Tavern!

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Here are links we mentioned on the episode:

The history of Spoonbread on

Spoonbread recipe on

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Berea Bumper Stickers and Mini-Malls

On this catch-up (not mustard) episode we share the Top 5 Bumper Stickers that we found in Berea during our recent, ‘Best Bumper Sticker in Berea’ contest. We then share a recent Facebook-Only episode sharing tours of three mini-malls here in Berea.

Pictures of these bumper stickers can be seen on our Facebook Page at

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Here are pictures from the mini-mall tours:

The first mini-mall is right on Chestnut Street!
Here is a view from the front door.
An exceptional booth.
Every mini-mall booth should have an introduction to the proprietor.
Who doesn’t need a box of 8-track tapes?
They have booths available for rent!
Consider coming here first if you have never been to a mini-mall before.
Boone Square Mini-Mall
Excellent Booth!

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A Berea Trolley Tour

A Berea Trolley tour is a great way to learn about Berea. The service is offered on Saturdays starting at 10 a.m. throughout the Summer. Do check it out!

Here is a picture of the trolley at the Artisan Center before we took our tour.

The Trolley at the Artisan Center.

Here are some links to webpages that were mentioned during the tour!

Kentucky River Foothills – Berea Bus Schedule

Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea

Berea College

Berea Tourism

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Back To School Special

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Summer, like all good things, must come to an end. And Back To School time brings excitement and anxiety for children and their parents. Jenny Hobson, from Berea Community Elementary School, joins Troy and Della on this special episode of The Berea Podcast to share tips and strategies for parents.

Below are links to resources mentioned in this episode:
Berea Community School Family Resource / Youth Service Center

Madison County Schools Family Resource / Youth Service Center

Berea Community School Calendar

Madison County Schools Calendar

Bargain Hunt Weekly Specials

Also, If you have any Back To School tips or know of any events, call us at (707) 742-3732, that is 7077-4-BEREA, and leave a message. We will include your information on our next episode!!!

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The Weather In Berea

Bill Meck, WLEX TV

Troy and Della welcome Bill Meck to this week’s Berea Podcast. He breaks down what differentiates Berea from other towns  – meteorologically speaking, of course!

Bill Meck is the Chief Meteorologist at WLEX Channel 18 in Lexington, Ky. From the kindness of his big, big heart he recorded his thoughts and research on the weather in Berea.

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Rock Stars vs. Bow Ties

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Are you excited about your Summer? Which are you more excited about: the Levitt AMP Summer Concert Series or the approved budget from the Berea City Council. Find out who wins when we talk all about it.

City Council

The City Council has an active online presence. Here are some links that you should know about:

Videos from past City Council Meetings:

Agendas and Minutes from Previous Meetings:

City of Berea Government’s Facebook Page:

Levitt AMP Concert Series in Berea

Levitt Foundation’s website:

Ben Sollee’s music videos on Youtube:

Driftwood Gypsy music videos on Youtube:

Cheick Hamala Diabate music videos on Youtube:

Cumberland River Band music videos on Youtube:

The Berea Podcast

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