Mike Hogg’s New Year’s Resolutions

Mike Hogg visited our studio for this special episode!

For this first episode of 2018 we focus on new beginnings. We talk to Mike Hogg, former Superintendent for the Berea Independent School System. Mike shares information on his new position with Partners For Education and his new year’s resolutions.

Here are some links mentioned in this episode:

Berea Independent Schools
Partners For Education
Contact Your Kentucky Legislator

Putting on the Fritz at BCES

Fritz Schindler performed for Berea Community Elementary School on October 13th, 2017. Listen to this week’s episode of The Berea Podcast to hear part of the concert. Afterwards Fritz and Troy talk about what BCES was like back when he was in school, his life’s journey since Fritz called Berea home, and Fritz offers advice for us to rage against indifference.

Here are some pictures from the concert from the fine people at The Richmond Register:

Fritz and his Guitar
Fritz and his Banjo
Fritz and his Hammer Dulcimer

Here are some links to check out about Fritz:

Go to www.fritzschindler.com for all things Fritz.

Here is a link to Fritz Schindler on Facebook:


Here is something fun. If you want to start a Fritz Schindler fan website the domain www.puttingonthefritz.com is available! Go here and register it at Godaddy!

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Back To School Special

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Summer, like all good things, must come to an end. And Back To School time brings excitement and anxiety for children and their parents. Jenny Hobson, from Berea Community Elementary School, joins Troy and Della on this special episode of The Berea Podcast to share tips and strategies for parents.

Below are links to resources mentioned in this episode:
Berea Community School Family Resource / Youth Service Center

Madison County Schools Family Resource / Youth Service Center

Berea Community School Calendar

Madison County Schools Calendar

Bargain Hunt Weekly Specials

Also, If you have any Back To School tips or know of any events, call us at (707) 742-3732, that is 7077-4-BEREA, and leave a message. We will include your information on our next episode!!!

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