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Holiday Bazaar

Here is a holiday bazaar that is 50 years in the making. Listen and learn the recipes and passion that is going into the 2018 Holiday Bazaar at Berea’s United Methodist Church.

Here are some pictures from the making of the Pumpkin Rolls and the Peanut Brittle:

Holiday Bazaar Flyer
Pumpkin Roll Crew
Pumkin Rolls in process
Peanut Brittle in process
Eight ounces of Peanut Brittle in bags
Proceeds from the Holiday Bazaar supports…
THE Peanut Brittle recipe
Four generations of chefs

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Berea’s Food Bank

The Berea Food Bank and Berea College’s CELTS program have worked together for almost 30 years. Listen in to hear about both the Food Bank’s history and services as well as how the CELTS program serves both the college students and our community.

Here are some pictures…

Sign on the Food Bank’s front door.
Hours and Information on the front door.
Annual Report Cover
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Information in the bag left on our front porch.
Information about how to give a financial donation to the Berea Food Bank.
The morning breakfast CELTS meeting before the work begins…
The work taking place out front of the Food Bank.
A different view of the work taking place out front of the Food Bank.
Jerry Workman at his desk at the Food Bank.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Berea’s Food Bank Facebook Page:


Berea College CELTS Program Facebook Page:



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Jereme Zimmerman

Berea’s Jereme Zimmerman is a national expert on several sustainability topics and the go-to person on making Mead. Jereme joins Troy on this episode to talk about his craft and becoming a national expert while living in Berea.

Here are links mentioned in the show:

Click here to search Google for Jereme Zimmerman.

Here is the facebook page for Robie Books. You can swing by and pick up Jereme’s books here.

Click here to get to know the Permaculture Podcast. They love Berea!

Geocaching In Berea

Geocaching is awesome and Berea hosts an annual Geotour the third weekend of October. Click the green play button above and listen as Troy and Della talk to Jennifer Napier about this event and the joys of Geocaching.

Here are pictures of the event:

2018 participants will receive a very special token.
Jennifer Napier and Della pose for a picture.
People are excited to register for the Saturday morning events.
When you see this, it is time to Geocach!

Here are links mentioned in the episode:

Here is the Facebook page for the Berea Geocaching weekend: https://www.facebook.com/BCOCAGW/

Go here for the official website on Geocaching: https://www.geocaching.com/play

What’s New at Boone and Chestnut?

This is the scene currently at Boone and Chestnut…

A Shake Shack is coming to Boone and Chestnut! Listen in for the inside scoop on this new addition to our town. We literally were driving by the Coming Soon sign and thought we would go in and ask about what was going on. We met some nice people with some mouthwatering news!

Here is the link to Everyday Nutrition on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EverydayNutritionBerea

Here is a link to our episode with the Jazz Walker that we mention in this week’s episode: http://thebereapodcast.com/the-jazz-walker



Sometimes Berea’s gems are featured in other media. This week we share Joan Beck’s interview on the Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium Podcast as she talks all about Berea’s Fiber Frenzy.

Here are links and pictures from today’s episode:

Berea’s Fiber Frenzy is Fabulous!


Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium is doing good things!


A dryer ball from Fiber Frenzy!

Here are loads of Youtube videos on the benefits of Wool Dryer Balls.


Plan To Attend The Know It All Festival

If there is something you would like to know more about, odds are it will be covered at this year’s Know-It-All Festival! Listen to hear about Birdwatching and the Didgeridoo, two topics covered in 2017.

Below is a link to the Library’s homepage. Go there to learn more before the First Saturday in October.


Weird Berea

This week we look at three instances of what the internet says is weird about Berea. Not ‘Weird’ like Austin, Texas; but weird like Bigfoot and perplexing archaeological evidence!

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Below are the links and pictures mentioned:

Here are the pictures Michael shared of the crouching Bigfoot he saw at the Pinnacles. This is an extreme close-up of a section of the picture further below. You may have difficulty making it out at first, but it does look like a human-like shape in shadows with a lighted outline… Click on the image and zoom in…

Extreme close-up of the reported creature.

Here is the larger picture that shows the context of the sighting…

The forest in context.

Here is the original Patterson/Gimlin film of Bigfoot

Here is a link that discusses the Rockcastle County Footprints as a possible unexplained discovery:


Here is a link that discusses the Rockcastle County Footprints as only carvings:


Here is a link to a resource page about the Jackson County Footprints:


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You Should Know About Harvesting Hope

Sustainable Berea and community partners are addressing the Opioid Crisis. Listen to hear about how working with the soil and each other are offering support for those wanting to break their addictions.

Stroll down Adams Street to see the signs of hope.


Sustainable Berea: https://www.sustainableberea.org/

Liberty Place: https://foothillscap.org/liberty-place-recovery-center-for-women/

New Opportunity School For Women: https://www.nosw.org/

Bobtown Arts: http://bobtownarts.org/

USDA Grants: https://www.usda.gov/topics/farming/grants-and-loans