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Featuring The Jeff Richey Experience

The Jeff Richey Experience is featured on this week’s Berea Podcast. Listen to this week’s episode and enjoy a selection of their music. If you know of a band you would like featured on the show email troy@thebereapodcast.com.

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Here is The Jeff Richey Experience’s next concert:

Come out to the concert!

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Here is the music video mentioned on the episode:


Mike Hogg’s New Year’s Resolutions

Mike Hogg visited our studio for this special episode!

For this first episode of 2018 we focus on new beginnings. We talk to Mike Hogg, former Superintendent for the Berea Independent School System. Mike shares information on his new position with Partners For Education and his new year’s resolutions.

Here are some links mentioned in this episode:

Berea Independent Schools
Partners For Education
Contact Your Kentucky Legislator

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Berea is in the running for a second Levitt AMP Music Series Grant! Berea’s Ali Blair came by to talk about the successes of last summer’s concert series and shares how to vote for Berea for a second summer concert series grant.

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Ali was our first guest in the new studio. Check out the video we recorded of the interview:

2017 Know-It-All Festival

Even the logo for the 2017 Know-It-All Festival is interesting!

October 7, 2017 was a very special day. The Madison County Public Library hosted their 5th Annual ‘Know-It-All Festival’. Click on the green arrow above and listen for more about this awesome event and learn how to make pizza crust!

Here is the FULL BROCHURE for the 2017 Know-It-All Festival.
Look at what you missed!!!

Have you ever seen a Pizza Screen? Here  is one!

This is apparently before you add the butter and put it in the oven the first time.

Have you ever seen a Pizza Docker? Here is one!

Do this with a Pizza Docker for no bubbles in your crust.

Are you interested in learning more about next year’s event or do you have some unique knowledge you would like to share? Email Athena at athena@madisonlibrary.org!

See you there!

The 2017 Fall Fair

We spent an awesome Saturday morning at the 2017 Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen’s Fall Fair. Listen for some of the artists we were able to interview!

Rocky Woodland Forge travelling blacksmith gear.
Rocky Woodland Forge Award-Winning Chair.

Cleft in the Rock Artwork on display.
Cleft in the Rock Artwork Amazing Bridge Drawing.
Ralph Tyree standing in his booth.
Laura Poulette enjoying her morning in her booth full of prints and originals.
Kay Ragland and Karen Higdon standing in front of their booth full of baskets.
An end table basket and the shelves full of baskets.


Colorful picnic basket!
A belt adorned basket.
Dorothy Cline holding her handmade bowl in front of her booth.
Colorful flowers in glass.
Plant in glass.
Collection of some glasswork.
Sean Fitzgerald pottery display.


Pottery on a shelf.
Sean Fitzgerald pottery table display.

We loved our time at the Fall Fair.

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Note: Links to the artists mentioned in this episode will be added to the website shortly. (Of course you can google the names above and find them.)

Putting on the Fritz at BCES

Fritz Schindler performed for Berea Community Elementary School on October 13th, 2017. Listen to this week’s episode of The Berea Podcast to hear part of the concert. Afterwards Fritz and Troy talk about what BCES was like back when he was in school, his life’s journey since Fritz called Berea home, and Fritz offers advice for us to rage against indifference.

Here are some pictures from the concert from the fine people at The Richmond Register:

Fritz and his Guitar
Fritz and his Banjo
Fritz and his Hammer Dulcimer

Here are some links to check out about Fritz:

Go to www.fritzschindler.com for all things Fritz.

Here is a link to Fritz Schindler on Facebook:


Here is something fun. If you want to start a Fritz Schindler fan website the domain www.puttingonthefritz.com is available! Go here and register it at Godaddy!

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The Jazz Walker

Toni, the Jazz Walker, is a familiar face in Berea. Her jogging with flourish brings a smile to our faces and has inspired us to exercise. Listen to our interview with Toni to hear what inspires her and keeps her moving!

Email Troy or message us here on Facebook and let Toni know you are encouraged by her!

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Listen to the episode for a hint at an upcoming special announcement. Read below for the text of an email we just sent to businesses in Berea and follow the link for a survey. Please fill out the survey, it will help us out as we work on one of the projects that are making us so tired!

Growing up on my family’s farm, there wasn’t a time we did not have the radio on. The DJs were part of the family and we set our clocks to make sure we heard them read the local news and tip us to great deals. Nowadays, I have my earbuds in my ears and am listening to a podcast. Podcasts keep me up-to- date with news and connect me with people nearby and across the globe who share my interests.

Berea is a special place where people value opportunities for coming together and sharing ideas. My wife and I are planning to open a Berea recording studio for podcasts that will support a low-powered A.M. and on-line radio station. We think our leaders and neighbors will embrace this medium for talking more with each other and the world. We need your help. Would you please complete the brief survey at the link below to let us know how your business might engage these services? Your responses, of course, will be anonymous but will truly help us out.

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Thanks for all your support!