Listen to the episode for a hint at an upcoming special announcement. Read below for the text of an email we just sent to businesses in Berea and follow the link for a survey. Please fill out the survey, it will help us out as we work on one of the projects that are making us so tired!

Growing up on my family’s farm, there wasn’t a time we did not have the radio on. The DJs were part of the family and we set our clocks to make sure we heard them read the local news and tip us to great deals. Nowadays, I have my earbuds in my ears and am listening to a podcast. Podcasts keep me up-to- date with news and connect me with people nearby and across the globe who share my interests.

Berea is a special place where people value opportunities for coming together and sharing ideas. My wife and I are planning to open a Berea recording studio for podcasts that will support a low-powered A.M. and on-line radio station. We think our leaders and neighbors will embrace this medium for talking more with each other and the world. We need your help. Would you please complete the brief survey at the link below to let us know how your business might engage these services? Your responses, of course, will be anonymous but will truly help us out.

Click here to take the survey.

Thanks for all your support!

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