The 2017 Fall Fair

We spent an awesome Saturday morning at the 2017 Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen’s Fall Fair. Listen for some of the artists we were able to interview!

Rocky Woodland Forge travelling blacksmith gear.
Rocky Woodland Forge Award-Winning Chair.

Cleft in the Rock Artwork on display.
Cleft in the Rock Artwork Amazing Bridge Drawing.
Ralph Tyree standing in his booth.
Laura Poulette enjoying her morning in her booth full of prints and originals.
Kay Ragland and Karen Higdon standing in front of their booth full of baskets.
An end table basket and the shelves full of baskets.


Colorful picnic basket!
A belt adorned basket.
Dorothy Cline holding her handmade bowl in front of her booth.
Colorful flowers in glass.
Plant in glass.
Collection of some glasswork.
Sean Fitzgerald pottery display.


Pottery on a shelf.
Sean Fitzgerald pottery table display.

We loved our time at the Fall Fair.

Please click on the green arrow above and listen to the interviews of the artists!

Note: Links to the artists mentioned in this episode will be added to the website shortly. (Of course you can google the names above and find them.)